Right Parts - Right Time - Right Location at Optimized Costs

Material costs are a significant percentage of the total cost of any Greenfield / Brownfield Process & Manufacturing Plant project. Ensuring that the right material (quality & reliability) is available at the right time is very crucial for the overall success of the project.

Optimizing material costs & improving speed without impacting quality & reliability is a top priority for procurement departments of global organizations. While engineering can be managed & controlled centrally, procurement departments need to be more agile in adapting to the needs & priorities of specific projects. Better integration & upfront planning based on preliminary BOQs / BOMs across all disciplines – Civil / Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation, Controls, Piping and Firefighting can contribute significantly to cost reduction targets.

Understanding of domain, market/industry experience, and engineering know-how is necessary in any engineering procurement cycle, to choose the right parts from the right vendor and to make it available at right place/department at the right time.

Our multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral industry experience makes us a partner-of-choice to support global EPC / EPCM projects as an extension to our client’s procurement departments (remote access to client’s ERP / PLM via Citrix or secure VPN tunnels), allowing them to focus on other value-added activities.

Typical Service Offerings:

  • Creating Bill of Materials in ERP from Drawings and Datasheets
  • Classifying Parts & Materials (mechanical parts, electrical parts, etc.) and creating Parts Database in ERP
  • Import and Export of Parts Classification for Export Control/Customs
  • Vendor Management - Global Vendor List Preparation; Suggesting New Vendors for various Categories of Parts; Supplier/Vendor Performance (vendor score cards)
  • RFQ Management - RFQ to Vendor / Floating Enquiries, Vendor Coordination, Expediting; Request for Quotes for various Parts from different Vendors
  • Maintaining Purchase Information Records in ERP for Multiple Vendors
  • Receipt of Vendor Quotation and Vendor Offer Review
  • Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) & Recommendation
  • Determining Manufacturing Cost of Parts / Products with respect to various Cost Components such as Raw Materials, Labour, Equipment, Tooling and Production Overheads
  • Ordering of Parts and Order/PO Tracking to ensure On-time Delivery
  • Expediting and Vendor Coordination until the Receipt of Good
  • Converting Requisitions to PO and receiving entries for Parts in ERP
  • Creating Service Entry Sheets
  • Posting Invoice in ERP; Issue Resolving for Incorrect Invoices Posted
  • Posting Payment Reports to respective departments

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Asset Management and Engineering Procurement Support Services

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