CAD to CAD, CAD to PLM and CAD / PLM to ERP

Neilsoft supports in development of customer-specific applications for improving integration & interoperability between various CAX / PLM / ERP applications in the client’s engineering environment. Our team of Consultants and Developers help engineering organizations identify purpose & understand the engineering design processes & eco-system, in order to provide the most suitable integration & interoperability solution, based on the their current & future needs.

Our solutions facilitate in isolating of BOM management to the CAD environment for better control, eliminating duplicate BOM entries & repeat data entries into ERP, and effective communication between PLM and ERP via real-time information exchange.

Experience & Expertise Areas

  • Solutions to exchange, validate, compare and clean-up CAD models (Model Based Design [MBD]) containing Annotations (3D PMI, GD&T, and FT&A)
  • Implementing CAD exporters & importers, developing complex data validation algorithms and providing illustration of the analysis - develop geometry, feature and surface correction algorithms for captured scenarios
  • Knowledge of various industry domains / applications, industry-standard CAD/PLM systems, different file formats and lightweight visualizers viz. 3DPDF, JT, etc.
  • Extensive experience in CAD to CAD, CAD to PLM and CAD / PLM to ERP integrations
    • CAD-to-CAD
      Inventor ETO and Revit | Naviswork & e-PM Integration | Interface development for interoperability product on softwares like Navisworks, SolidWorks, etc.
    • CAD to PLM
      SolidEdge to Vault Integration | Vault Professional Integration with Customer-specific File Management System | Vault Manufacturing Integration with Autodesk Buzzsaw | Data Migration from Meridian to Vault Manufacturing
    • PLM to ERP
      Vault to SAP Integration | Vault to BAAN Integration

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