Off-highway machinery, mining equipment, ships, boats and other waterborne vessels, energy plants, escalators, & elevators, and even Airports, Shopping Malls are made up of several systems and sub-systems like Hydraulic Systems, Energy Systems, Electrical Control Systems, Mechanical Drive-train Systems and Conveyor Systems.

Neilsoft has been successful in providing robust solutions and services to these industries in the last two decades. However, advances in computational power, electronics systems, accuracy of sensors, AI, engineering analytics and IIoT, has resulted in systems becoming more complex, to leverage complex control system logic and process automation using hydraulic / pneumatic / electrical drives & sub systems. In most cases, development of such systems requires knowledge & experience of developing multi-disciplinary systems, understanding of various optimization methodologies and sound systems engineering knowledge. Neilsoft has been demonstrating thought-leadership in these areas and is well equipped to fulfil most of these advanced industry demands.

Service offerings:

  • Engineering Design
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Manufacturing Support

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  • Product Design and Development Support for Hydraulic Pump, Motor, Cylinders, Valves, Filtration Products, Manifold, Power Packs, Reservoir, hydraulic Test Rigs, Swivel Joints, Rotary Actuators, Hose & Fittings, Pressure Switches, Hydraulic Brakes, Accumulators, Hydraulic Jacks, etc.
  • Legacy Conversion and PLM Migration
  • Modeling and Detailing / Production Drawing Release from 3D Models
  • Dual Dimensioning (Imperial and Metric)
  • Hose / Pipe Routing Layouts and Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Engineering Change Management Support
  • Technical Write-Up for Product Catalog, Spare Parts Catalog and Service Manuals
  • Web-Based Product Configuration Development Support and Customer Relationship Management

  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Panel Design and Build
  • Robotics Systems Integration and Control
  • PLC Development

  • Systems Specifications Development
  • Identify and Design SW & HW Systems
  • Design for Manufacturing considerations
  • Verifications and Validations
  • Final Board Design and Systems Integration

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Industries Addressed:

Commercial Vehicles | Discrete Manufacturing | Mining | Construction/off-Highway Equipment | Off-Shore/Oil Rigs/Marine | High Tech Industry | Alternate Energy | Agriculture & Forestry

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Manufacturing Engineering Services

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