We at Neilsoft, have extensive experience of working as an engineering partner to support our clients globally in design and development of machinery & equipment. We have an integrated multi-disciplinary engineering team (mechanical, electrical & controls and air systems) to address various challenges faced by our clients related to a custom or special purpose machine. Our engineering team has evolved over a period of time from diverse backgrounds; and each team member brings a different perspective to the table during the design process, which helps us to deliver innovative concepts.

Design Services Offered:

Data Verification
Input collection, feasibility study against URS document and scope finalization

Concept Development and Finalization
Concept design in 3D, bill of materials (BOM) for budgeting, operational control philosophy document and functional & operational specifications, concept animation

Detail Design and Drawings
Detailed manufacturing parts and assembly drawings, bill of materials (BOM) for third party items, electrical drawings, PLC program, design safety review report and construction instructions

Prototyping Support
Procurement planning and tracking, vendor evaluation document and vendor checkout report

Testing Support
Factory acceptance test (FAT) supervision and preparation of related reports

Deployment Support
Installation & commissioning support and vendors checkout

As-built Documents
As-built electrical and mechanical drawing packages with BOM and latest PLC program

Expertise in Technologies:

Packaging | Converting | Winding | Unwinding | Adhesives | Bottling | Robotics | Tooling | Jigs and Fixtures

Industries Addressed:

Pharmaceutical | Food | Beverage | Personal Care | Consumer Goods | Automotive

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Manufacturing Engineering Services

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