Neilsoft provides integrated interdisciplinary approach from our wide experience in dust handling, material handling, and process integration of vacuum and/or positive air. We can provide engineering design to portions or all phases of a project (from concept, system sizing/selection, and general layout through detailed engineering). We provide supervisory support for your installation and commissioning endeavours.

Our Strengths and Capabilities

Our engineering team is equipped with flow and structural analysis, 3D design and understanding of various standards and regulations (OSHA, EPA, NFPA).

We can assist you in ensuring there is a safe and comprehensive design.

Services Offered, Hands on Technology

  • The process air system integration can include multiple fan systems with ductwork distribution and connections, a local fan house, hood design, trim removal, and product reject.
  • Dust filtration can be local or as part of a multi-production line central system.
  • The central system design includes the dust filtration, final dust collection, and final disposal of dust, trim, product rejection by utilizing material separators, conveyors, balers and briquetters.

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Material Handling

Manufacturing Engineering Services

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