Design and detailed engineering services across the entire vehicle development programme:
Design Modeling | Design Validation | Design Automation

Our Automotive practice supports our engineering clients on their virtual product & process engineering activities for the development program of a vehicle in various stages from benchmarking, concept evaluation & validation, design development & optimization using components, sub-systems & full vehicle virtual prototypes.

We have worked with various engineering departments of reputable clients supporting them on activities such as:

  • Vehicle Engineering inclusive of vehicle assembly digital modeling as well as select full-vehicle validation
  • Body Engineering
  • Powertrain and Driveline engineering
  • Chassis Engineering
  • Interiors and Trim development

Neilsoft has strong capabilities in High-End Design Validation such as Crash and Noise & Vibration Analysis. We are proud to be the engineering partners to various International OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers for their niche design analysis. We have collaborated on various projects such as full vehicle noise vibration analysis for new vehicle launch programme while also providing the client's core design team with several valuable pointers toward structuro-weight optimization strategies which is usually performed in the later stages of the vehicle design cycle.

Neilsoft has set-up world class infrastructure including high performance computational nodes, workstations, utilizing software tools including CATIA, ProEngineer, Unigraphics, LMS VL, Nastran, LS DYNA, Hyperworks Suite, ANSA, ADAMS, ANSYS and FLUENT to cater to the CAE/NVH requirements in the Automotive segment.

Our offerings in CAD/CAE include:

  • Development of design on Multi-CAD platforms
  • Re-Engineering / Reverse Engineering solutions
  • Migration of data across various CAD platforms
  • Digital mock up studies
  • Detailed finite element mesh generation, assembly & dynamic reduction models
  • FE based structural validation of vehicles for NVH, durability, crash & dynamics
  • Static, dynamic and thermo mechanical Analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics solutions
  • Optimization of structures for cost, weight & investments for complex product and process design
  • Design calculations for impact force analysis, linkage analysis etc.
  • Non linear analysis including Impact & Fatigue analysis
  • Homologation
  • Aerodynamics
  • Climate and comfort control
  • Engine flow and combustion, Under hood thermal management
  • Exhaust system thermal analysis, Brake cooling
  • Flow induced noise
FE based Crash Analysis
  • Full vehicle front, offset impact with barrier
  • Side impact with barrier Pole
  • Rear impact with moving barrier, Roof crush
Noise and Vibration
  • Structure-borne N&V, System/sub-system level operational impact of Noise and Vibration
  • Environmental impact from N&V sources
Structural Analysis
  • Stress analysis, BIW/Chasis frame Torsional, Bending and Joint stiffness studies, Closures-Slam
  • Sag/Set and other strength analysis
  • Steering column strength analysis

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