BIM is a tool that can be utilized throughout the entire project lifecycle. Neilsoft helps to develop BIM standards, specifications and templates to ensure robust integration with existing and future data and project management services. Our professionals show how your team can use BIM as a tool throughout the entire project lifecycle, including master planning, program analysis, project definition, design and construction and facility management.

Program Managers can utilize BIM at the beginning to assist with the project definition phase. Neilsoft develops BIM to support master planning and program analysis. This development continues into blocking and stacking diagrams and conceptual design. Using our BIM standards will ensure that the BIM database is correctly developed and established, with required updates throughout the project lifecycle.

Construction Managers use our service to ensure that the BIM follows detailed specifications to their requirements throughout the construction process. Neilsoft understands the requirements of the Construction Manager in the design and building processes and can support the BIM requirements for the owner’s requirements.

BIM Standards

If you’re planning to use BIM you need to develop BIM standards. Unlike CAD standards, BIM standards require knowledge of the BIM database and how it will integrate with not just your systems, but all the project systems and various database requirements. The BIM is the virtual building for the project and should be automatically integrable into all project systems within the projects team, including design specifications, code requirements, design and construction schedules, fabrication, commissioning, security and building monitoring. Not developing a BIM to the entire project and lifecycle system requirements is missing the entire value of BIM.

Model Assessment

Neilsoft provides BIM peer-level review model assessments for architects, builders and owners. Our methodology leverages our continuous experience to develop model appraisal for all your needs. As an architect if you receive BIM from another designer, Neilsoft has developed appraisal services which delineates the model’s requirements and creates an assessment spreadsheet to determine if the BIM meets your needs or if significant rework is required. We do the same for builders receiving design models and owners receiving builder models. Neilsoft's model assessment service is an efficient way to determine model adequacy and requirements, insuring successful BIM integration.

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