Job code: SES-0123-001

Location: Pune

Position: CAD Software Engineer

Qualification: B.E./B.Tech/M.E./MTech (CAD/CAM)

Experience in:

  • point cloud processing/image processing/scientific visualization
  • using Python for writing automation scripts and rapid prototyping
  • using commonly employed code and design patterns
  • using multiple IDEs like Visual Studio/VS Code/Eclipse
  • using C++ Boost Library
  • Multi-threading
  • using Cross-platform OS

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • 2 - 4 Years’ experience in CAD customization
  • Sound knowledge of Linear Algebra, 3D Analytical/Computational/Discrete Geometry & B-Rep/Mesh Topology
  • Demonstrable experience in writing Object-oriented & Object-based C++ code along with knowledge of C++ 11/14/17 standards for performance/memory enhanced concise code
  • Knowledge of commonly used data structures & algorithms employed in geometry kernels
  • Experience writing maintainable/reusable geometry algorithms while adhering to appropriate software design principles to develop industry grade modules/APIs
  • Experience working on any commercial/proprietary/open-source geometry/math kernels like MKL, Eigen, CGAL, VTK, PCL, ACIS, ParaSolid, etc.

Reporting To:

  • Lead Software Engineer/Project Manager

The JD is applicable for Special Employee Referral Scheme (ERS)

Please send your resume to with the job code in the subject line.

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