Enhanced Visibility and Efficient Operations & Maintenance of Facilities

Neilsoft leverages various software platforms to enable Owner / Operators of Buildings Facilities and Industrial Plants / Factories, with better visibility, management and optimization of their investments.

Service Offerings:


We track asset locations on floor plans by linking them to AutoCAD and Revit blocks & families for ease of locating, ownership & access to product information, and for managing their preventive and corrective maintenance programs. Our services help our clients to keep their assets in a facility in prime working condition, while improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes. We also support our clients in generating critical information related to energy performance or water usage, as well as for sustainability projects such as energy retrofits.

  • As-built Modeling of Structure and Actual Installation of MEP Elements and Routings
  • Creation of COBie Data based on the As Built Models
  • Engineering Documentation of Actual Installation of MEP Elements and Routings
  • Space Planning and Management
  • Maintenance of an Accurate Inventory of Multiple Types of Assets including Location, Asset Number, Condition or any other Attributes
  • Efficiently Planning HVAC Systems, Air Flow and Emergency Evacuation Routes across the Facility
  • Energy Analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling for the Building

Industrial Plants / Factories

  • Engineering Documentation for Efficient Operations Management
  • Asset Management with Intelligent Tagging System
  • Structured Engineering Documentation & Reports for Plant Operations & Maintenance
  • Planning, Controlling, Scheduling, Monitoring and Generating Reports - for Plant Inventory

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Asset Management Services

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