Neilsoft provides BIM services to Owner-operators (Plants), EPCs, Engineering Consultants and OEMs of various industries. From pre-bid to the as-built stage, our BIM Services support engineers and designer in:

  • Minimizing Errors, Omissions & Rework
  • Better Design through Visualization
  • Improved Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration and Coordination
  • Gaining Insights earlier in the Process and Minimizing Project Risks
  • Minimizing Data Loss across the Project Lifecycle
  • Improved Cost Management

Neilsoft’s BIM Services for Plant and Factories:

  • BIM Project Execution Planning
  • Preliminary BOQ’s for Estimation
  • BIM Model Development for Plants & Factories with Different Levels of Detail ( LOD) - Based on the Design Stage
  • Creation of Catalogs – Material/Vendor-Specific (as per Organizational Standards) - Intelligent Family/Content Creation
  • 3D Modeling of Architectural, Civil & Structural, Mechanical Equipments, Piping, Raceways, HVAC, Hangers & Supports, Electrical Items & Cable Routing, Instruments & Control Systems, Plant Utilities, Plumbing & Fire Protection, etc.
  • Documentation from Coordinated BIM Model
  • Accurate Schedule of Quantities
  • Constructability Reviews and Audits including Trade Coordination
  • Validating Equipment Selection & Sizing
  • Construction Sequencing (4D)
  • Model based QTO’s & Cost Monitoring(5D)
  • As-built Deliverables
  • BIM for Sustainability Design
  • BIM for Standardization in Plants & Factories
  • BIM for Facility Management Modeling (COBie Compliance) and IFC Export
  • Legacy Conversion - P&IDs/SLD into Intelligent Formats
  • Asset Digitization (Point Cloud / Laser Scan to BIM)
  • 3D Rendering and Visualization (Walkthroughs with AR/VR Support)
  • Integration of BIM Models/Information with IoT Framework
  • Design Automation using Revit API and Dynamo Scripting

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BIM Services

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