Balancing product quality with cost and release schedules is a key challenge faced by the product development companies. The increasing feature sets & functionality required by clients, the multitudes of platforms to be supported and the ever reducing release cycle times are making the quality assurance process even more complicated. Neilsoft help its clients to achieve their quality imperatives through focus on people, processes, tools and methodology. We offer a wide range of expertise in QA, Testing, and Test Automation; provided either as part of the product development process or as an independent testing service/independent verification & validation model.

Our testing services portfolio includes:

Exploratory/ad-hoc testing - Informal/unstructured testing typically carried out at the beginning to help uncover defects while testers understand the software Compatibility Testing - To ensure compatibility with different browsers, Operating Systems, and hardware platforms
Unit testing of code to check functionality & reliability Conformance testing to assure conformance to industry standards
Integration testing of interactions between units/modules Regression testing of new versions
System testing against defined parameters Test script creation for test automation
Functionality testing to validate conformance to specifications Test result documentation for structured test management
Usability testing to judge ease of use Localization testing of various language versions

Localization Engineering

Neilsoft offers end-to-end localization (L10N) services to product companies that would like to create new language versions of their products for entry into newer geographies or to ensure that the localized versions are exact replicas of the original base products. Our services enable our clients to accelerate their global releases, while achieving superior quality at reduced cost. Over a period of time we have developed a mature process & methodology for localization support to software products across various languages.

Neilsoft offers localization services for:

  • Western European languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish (FIGS)
  • Eastern European languages such as Czech, Polish, Hungarian & Russian (ZPHR)
  • Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese (CJKT)

Our services include:

  • Localization build engineering: Creation of localized build environment, extraction of resources, creation of localized build and defect fixing
  • Localization testing: Test plan creation, test design, creation of automation suites, UI testing, functionality testing, help testing, interactive testing, double byte testing, installation testing, defect logging & tracking and defect verification

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