CAD to CAD, CAD to PLM and CAD / PLM to ERP

Neilsoft supports in development of customer-specific applications for improving integration & interoperability between various CAX / PLM / ERP applications in the client’s engineering environment. Our team of Consultants and Developers help engineering organizations identify purpose & understand the engineering design processes & eco-system, in order to provide the most suitable integration & interoperability solution, based on the their current & future needs.

Our solutions facilitate in isolating of BOM management to the CAD environment for better control, eliminating duplicate BOM entries & repeat data entries into ERP, and effective communication between PLM and ERP via real-time information exchange.

Experience & Expertise Areas

  • Solutions to exchange, validate, compare and clean-up CAD models (Model Based Design [MBD]) containing Annotations (3D PMI, GD&T, and FT&A)
  • Implementing CAD exporters & importers, developing complex data validation algorithms and providing illustration of the analysis - develop geometry, feature and surface correction algorithms for captured scenarios
  • Knowledge of various industry domains / applications, industry-standard CAD/PLM systems, different file formats and lightweight visualizers viz. 3DPDF, JT, etc.
  • Extensive experience in CAD to CAD, CAD to PLM and CAD / PLM to ERP integrations
    • CAD-to-CAD
      Inventor ETO and Revit | Naviswork & e-PM Integration | Interface development for interoperability product on softwares like Navisworks, SolidWorks, etc.
    • CAD to PLM
      SolidEdge to Vault Integration | Vault Professional Integration with Customer-specific File Management System | Vault Manufacturing Integration with Autodesk Buzzsaw | Data Migration from Meridian to Vault Manufacturing
    • PLM to ERP
      Vault to SAP Integration | Vault to BAAN Integration

Case Studies

Real-time Integration of Engineering Design Platforms for Efficient Creation of Production Drawings for a Leading Supplier of Engineering IT Systems

Neilsoft supported a Leading Supplier of Engineering IT Systems for the Process, Energy and Marine Industries, to help with the Real-time Integration Process of the Client’s Plant Design Solution with AutoCAD. The Client had developed an Industry Leading Product for Plant Design Management, with extensive Automation Capabilities and a one-of- kind Drafting Module which could be used for Generating Production Drawings. The Client wanted to integrate this PDM Solution with AutoCAD, so that the Drafting Features of AutoCAD could be leveraged within its own PDM Solution Ecosystem.

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