Neilsoft specializes in developing customized Design Automation and Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) applications meeting specific client needs, across various engineering segments.

We blend our domain understanding from various engineering segments with expertise in CAD platforms & software development to design solutions that help our clients improve their engineering efficiency and provide a competitive advantage.

Our Design Automation solutions assist engineering organizations to develop products & execute projects with

  • Reduced Turn-around Time
  • Improved Quality
  • Cost Optimization
  • Knowledge Retention & Reuse
  • Reduced Manual Intervention & Related Errors

We work with engineering organizations to identify stages across the engineering product / project life-cycle that are most suitable for automation and utilize the most appropriate technology & software architecture based on client's current & future needs.

Repetitive tasks that require rule-based decision making are ideal candidates for automation. These applications intelligently extract data, apply rules, make decisions and perform operations automatically. The knowledge base of product design is transformed into rules, equations and decision matrices which help in automating design process which can be extended from sales to manufacturing.

Neilsoft has rich experience in developing, implementing & maintaining Design Automation / KBE application on various CAD platforms.

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