Design Validation Services

We are experts in carrying out various analysis such as Pipe Stress, Structural, and Electrical Network etc. We provide analysis in all Fields of Engineering as mentioned below:

Typical Deliverables provided as part of Analysis

  • Critical Line list preparation based Design Guidelines
  • Modelling for Flexibility/Stress Analysis
  • Identification of optimised support location
  • Design (Specification & Data Sheet) of various special components & support such as Variable & Fixed Spring Hanger, Expansion Joints, Rod Hangers etc.
  • System Generated Report along with Stress Isometric showing all support Location
  • Formatted Report – with consolidated details as below –
  • Conclusion with qualification system safe
  • Summary of Stress and Restraint
  • Nozzle load Summary
  • Summary of Live and Dead Load on Supports
  • Drawings such as System generated 3D Plot and Isometric (with duly marked support location and type)

Structural Analysis – STAAD Pro, Nastran, SAP 2000, RISA 3D, ETABS

  • Various Codes usages proficiencies – AISC, IS, ACI, AASHTO, BS, UBC & API, IBC 2012, ASCE 7-10
  • Analysis and Design
  • Load Carrying Capacity
  • Minimum Retirement Thickness
  • Special and Technological Structures
  • Structural Stability – Non-linear Buckling
  • Consideration of Various Loads such as Environmental Loads (Wind, Snow, Rain, Seismic etc.)
  • Time History Analysis of Blast Resistant construction
  • P Delta Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Analysis for Wind Tunnel Forces

Electrical Analysis – We are Specialised in below mentioned System Analysis using ETAP

  • We have proficiencies on working with Various Codes such as IEC, ISO and BS, IEEE, NFPA, NEC, ASTM, ANSI
  • Load Flow & Short Circuit
  • Harmonics
  • Arc Flash
  • We provided formatted report along with system generated report, some are as below for reference
  • Final SLD after system analysis
  • Summary Report Bus Load
  • Summary Report Branch Loading
  • Summary Report Branch Losses
  • Alert Summary Report
  • Summary Report of Total Generation (As Applicable), Loading & Demand

Mechanical Strength Calculation – We have strong Team to carry strength calculation using PV Elite/Compress

  • We have proficiency in working with Various Codes such as ASME SEC VIII, Div I & II, TEMA, API 610, 650, ASRAE, NBC
  • Analysis and Design
  • Strength Calculation
  • Modelling in PV Elite for analysisFlash
  • Minimum Thickness requirement
  • Consideration of Various Loads such as Environmental Loads (Wind, Snow, Rain, Seismic etc.)
  • Reinforcement Pad Thickness calculation (i.e. Area Compensation calculation)
  • Prepare GFC drawing based on analysis results
  • Preparation Fabrication Drawing

  • Finite Element Analysis - We have proficiency in carrying Static as well as Dynamic Analysis for application such as –
  • Any Type of structures/technological structures with heavy loads and vibration
  • High Temperature Vessels
  • High Temperature application Equipments such Bag Filters, Conditioning towers, Silo & Cone Hooper
  • Civil structures with heavy loads such as Cold Box Foundation, Compressor/Fans foundations,
  • We carry FEA for following requirements –
  • Stress analysis
  • Durability analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Design optimization

Computational Fluid Dynamics – We are experts in HVAC engineering wherein we analyse

  • Analysis and design of Air Flow system using Computational Tools
  • Thermal Analysis for proper Air Flow distribution in closed room condition

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