At Neilsoft we strongly believe "Respect & dignity for the individual and emphasizing meritocracy, quality and hard work over hierarchy should be the hallmark of our identity"

Our associates are our most important assets who take care of our customers & investors. The organization lays a strong emphasis on professionalism, openness, transparency, ethical behavior, human respect & dignity, meritocracy, and living upto our commitments as part of our culture.

At Neilsoft we are working towards building one of the fastest growing and internationally recognized engineering & technology services company. We believe that Neilsoft is a "the place to be" for core engineers where they can aspire to work in challenging and innovative global projects. The Neilsoft engineering team has many experienced minds who have worked in engineering companies across the globe and who are now mentors to their teams.

The engineering services industry is today on a significant growth path and Neilsoft has been able to capitalize on this growth wave and has emerged as one of the leaders in this space. Neilsoft has been one of the companies working together with industry bodies to brand & create the engineering services outsourcing space and help evolve India as a global hub for engineering services.

A career in Neilsoft will mean a lot of learnings & rotations across multiple projects & domain areas to make you a versatile engineer. Intensive training programs including trainings on domains, software platforms and various types of developmental trainings including softskills development, cultural sensitivity, leadership etc are provided. This creates an environment of accelerated learning for our associates who are ready to take on challenging engineering projects for our domestic as well as international customers.

Ensuring that our employees have both personal and career satisfaction is most important to us. Health is a priority at Neilsoft and our schemes include insurance for the family. The company also provides additional benefits such as paternity leave for male associates and part time working options for all associates, particularly women. Neilsoft's flexible work timings enable associates to work across different time zones facilitating smoother interactions with international clients.

As an organization, we strongly believe that the company is made by each & every associate of the company and that we accomplish the organizational goals only through the participation of all associates. We believe that our associates "work with us" and not "work for us". We believe in fostering an environment which is not only conducive to working but also ensures that our associates have occasions to celebrate, unwind and relax. The entire calendar year is filled with a roster of events and activities which enable them to do so.

Embark on a stellar engineering Career with Neilsoft

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