• Webinar - Integrated IIoT Manufacturers Industry
  • Webinar - Integrated IIoT Manufacturers Industry
  • Webinar - Integrated IIoT Manufacturers Industry

Date: January 23, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM GMT

Join Neilsoft for a this interactive session and experience the possibilities with a unique demonstration of Neilsoft’s 5 Point IIoT Solution Approach that aims to equip all key decision makers in a manufacturing set-up with Smarter Decision Making abilities!

Challenges Faced by Key Decision Maker in Manufacturing Organizations:

  • Poor visibility into their shop floors and production/assembly lines
  • Low machine productivity - Machines are down 30% to 40% of the time
  • First shift is suppose to start 07:00AM but machines are only switched on 07: 30AM
  • Lower productivity in the night shift
  • Feed rates are increased by the operators to speed up production
  • Frequent complaints about power and machine breakdown that can’t be verified
  • Effective overview of what is happening on the shop floor is missing

Key decision makers in manufacturing organizations face a major issue of poor visibility into their shop floor, as per industry estimates 42% or more of the top executives from the top global manufacturing company say their biggest problem is poor visibility into their shop floors; production data that is collected manually is inaccurate or unreliable. Also, information usually reaches the top level of management in a highly delayed span, making it difficult to take critical decisions; and often these decisions are taken based on inaccurate and unreliable data.

Integrated IIoT solutions help manufacturers by making the shop floor data collection system specific, without the dependency on manual data inputs, thereby helping them make informed decisions based on hard facts and figures.

Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory related IIoT solutions can eliminate these critical issues, making shop floor and production/assembly lines more efficient by increasing production and profits. Wherever the key decision makers are located, they can see what is happening on their shop floor on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers. They can be well aware about machine productivity or production volumes at any instance. The monitoring and prediction possibilities are just about endless.

This interactive session will focus on a unique demonstration of Neilsoft’s 5 Point IIoT Solution Approach that aims to equip all key decision makers in a manufacturing set-up with Smarter Decision Making abilities!

Who should attend?

CEO, CTO, CIO, Operational Heads, Plant Heads/Factory Heads, R&D Heads, Regional Heads, Production Managers

Key industry veterans and practitioners from Neilsoft will headline this interactive session!

Be sure to register for the webinar or connect with us at marketing@neilsoft.com for more information.

Know more about Neilsoft's IIoT Services

Neilsoft has expertise in various engineering domains and rich experience in developing/customizing enterprise software for engineering industries. The fine blend of engineering domain & software development knowledge makes us an ideal partner for the engineering industry players in their Digital Transformation journey.

We support our clients in developing solutions for Smart Factory by integrating automation with process and product data. We help them to adopt and implement Industry 4.0 for fully connected and flexible systems by achieving transfer of big data into business intelligence through SCADA and MES. Most companies have automated their processes and reached up to level 4 of Industry 4.0. Some of them already have IoT platforms in place, to further leverage the data generated by smart machines. However, all major IoT platforms available in the market today provide generic solutions and the manufacturing players are required to further personalize/customize the adopted platform to accommodate their industry specific needs.

We at Neilsoft, help manufacturing companies in customizing IoT platforms such as PTC ThingWorx, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure IoT and other customer specific platforms to accommodate their industry specific requirements and needs. While developing these customized applications, we take into account critical factors viz. efficiency, stability and performance. We also have in-house expertise, experience and knowledge of working on relevant IIoT related technologies such as web services, MQTT brokers, SOAP/REST APIs, JAVA/.NET, user interface development, big data, databases and cloud solutions (Platform as a Service, PaaS) to execute highly complex IIoT based projects.

We are currently in discussion with 15+ esteemed customers from Europe which includes manufactures and PTC resellers for IoT related customization and integration services.

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How complex it is to install IoT sensors on existing production lines?

As Sensors are becoming more affordable, older equipment can be easily retrofitted or IoT-enabled at lower price points without needing much changes in the existing setup. However it all depends on the complexity of existing production lines.

Is Iot is for industry only or can we use for commercial building also?

IoT is there for everything. It is there in public buildings, residential buildings. In commercial buildings, implementation of IoT would help in flawless facility management & maintenance and more importantly energy conservation.

You mentioned about PLM/ALM integration.. do you have any specific partnerships or its generic?

We do have vast experience in working on PLM/ALM customization & data migration projects. We have experience in working on Teamcenter, ARAS, Enovia, Windchill, Vault PLM/PDM products. Recently, we have entered into partnership with PTC and became a authorized System Integrator for their ThingWorx IIoT platform. We do not have any specific partnerships with any of the PLM/ALM products. If given an opportunity, we are flexible to work on integration of any of the PLM/ALM application.

Is this particular frame work applicable on any IIOT platform available in the market?

We are flexible to implement the framework on any of the IIoT platforms currently available in the market provided that the platform provides necessary API and customization support. The framework which we demonstrated in the webinar is specifically built on PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform.

Does Neilsoft provide customized IIoT services basis of very specific production requirement or it has to be holistic approach?

Yes, Neilsoft provides customized IIoT services basis of very specific requirement. As we have domain expertise as well as software expertise in-house, Neilsoft stands as one of the leading end-to-end one stop solution provider in the Market.

Can IIoT be applicable to multiple plants with a very Specific pattern of production?

Yes, IIoT can be applicable to multiple plants with very specific pattern of production. By integrating multiple plants, all stakeholders get real-time, continuous and standardized task level data to perform a detailed analysis of each plant’s performance.

Is IIoT according to you more beneficial to Plant manager or CEO? What’s your view?

IIoT is beneficial at all levels within an organization. However, as decision makers of the plant or organization, IIoT is more beneficial to the Plant Manager or CEO. It gives improved visibility across the manufacturing operations—makes more informed decisions with a real-time picture of operational status. This in-turn will help them to achieve the goals of increasing product quality, reducing time-to-market and attaining faster revenue growth.

Do you think cost of IIoT implementation justified compare to the benefits?

As answered in one of the questions earlier, Sensors are becoming more affordable now a days, older equipment can be easily retrofitted or IoT-enabled at lower price points without needing much changes in the existing setup. Less human intervention results in avoiding manual errors. Preventive maintenance results in increased equipment lifetime, increased plant safety and fewer accidents with negative environmental impact. Minimizing unnecessary downtime and wastage due to abnormal process parameter variations helps to achieve higher OEE and maintain KPI. Overall, the benefits due to Implementation of IIoT are much more higher than the cost of its implementation. Implementation of IIoT is one time investment and doesn’t require much maintenance; but the returns are long term.

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January 23, 2019

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM GMT

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