Creating an Enterprise-level Process Knowledge Repository and Reusability

The key challenges faced by owner-operator and consultants are to create accurate specifications, creation of multiple options (for process design), selection of optimum Equipments, accurate estimation, re-work, reusability of drawings/specs, design review process and accuracy of reports. Engineers spend a lot of time in creating drawings and generating CAD outputs instead of focusing on their core (engineering/design) activities. Neilsoft assists an organization in creating such CAD outputs using intelligent tools. It helps companies to create a knowledge repository and create (process) design options based-on the inputs from the customers. We help in sizing of utilities based on preliminary inputs along with using various latest tools. We deliver the intelligent outputs (deliverables) and assist its clients in management of the change across the project life-cycle. Whether it is converting legacy data into digital & intelligent formats or updating existing assets as per operating condition (for e.g. uniformity in Tagging standards), or assistance in creating design options for design review; Neilsoft work as an extended arm of our client’s engineering team and provides flexibility and scalability for faster turnaround of designs.

Key service Offerings

  • Intelligent (spec-driven) Piping and Instrument Diagrams based on preliminary PFDs
  • Heat and Mass Balance Diagrams
  • Water Balance Diagrams
  • Hydraulic Analysis – Pipe Sizing & Pressure Drop Calculation
  • Line List & Equipment List.
  • Piping Design Basis.
  • Piping Material Specifications.
  • Mechanical Static Strength Calculations & Equipment Sizing
  • Electrical Equipment Sizing/Optimization using ETAP
  • Civil & Structural Design Optimisation
  • Indicative Plot Plan & General Arrangements.
  • Technical Specifications & Datasheets of Various Equipments
  • Legacy data conversion (old P&IDs to smart P&IDs)

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