Neilsoft provides a wide range of integrated electrical engineering services across multiple industries such as transportation, off-highway equipment, heavy engineering etc. Our team of design engineers have experience of working with global clients in all phases of electrical system development. Electrical systems developed by us conform to global standards such as ISO, DIN, JIS and SAE.

  • Vehicle schematic creation
  • Logical diagram creation with necessary symbols, according to vehicle schematic and customer inputs
  • Circuit preparation for various applications
  • Calculations, component selection (fuse, relay, terminal, connector, wires) depending on Load requirement and validating them (localizing)
  • Single-line diagrams, electrical layouts, power distribution, equipment & component sizing
  • Lighting, earthling, lightning & grounding calculation
  • Voltage drop & cable sizing
  • Cable schedule and cable tray layouts
  • System studies and relay coordination
  • Detailed engineering

  • Connectors, terminals placed in appropriate locations of CAD system vehicle background and harness routing
  • Complete routing design with optimized routing path and routing design consideration using CAD System Cable module
  • Identifying connector locations for future updates
  • 3D routing for low voltage and high voltage harness

  • Details required for harness manufacturing like connector table, circuit data table, splice table, terminal table, twisted pair tables, bundle tables and other tables are created parametrically
  • Electrical harness flattening and drafting

  • Creating 3D - 2D harness drawing from the existing harness drawing

  • Vehicle wiring harness - Higher level models (harness group) created with complete harness model, mounting clamps, brackets, clips and fasteners
  • Creation of harness group drawings as 3D Models, with background and description of harness parts like connectors, terminals and clips

  • Single entry access for part details
  • Clear view of 2D & 3D drawings
  • Collection of technical details for parts from available sources such as customer inputs, part supplier website and legacy database
  • Collation of all available data sets into the database ‏

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