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Structural Steel & RCC
Structural Steel & RCC
  Neilsoft's Engineering Services for Structural Steel & RCC
About Neilsoft – A Global Architecture, Engineering, Consulting & Technology Services Company

Neilsoft works closely with Structural Steel & RCC Consultants around the world with the aim to enhance overall project efficiency and margins of our clients. We efficiently leverage our multi- sectoral and multi-disciplinary experience, domain knowledge and skilled workforce to provide structural and detailing services across the global.

Our endeavor is to create value for clients by adopting best practices which have been acquired & nurtured while working with clients globally. Through our experience, we build, organize & mange client or project specific teams. Neilsoft’s flexible business model helps clients increase their resource value and reduce engineering costs. Know more...
Neilsoft has expertise in the following types of Steel & RCC Structures:
Sports & Entertainment
Chemical Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Fertilizer Plants
Manufacturing Plants
Ship to Shore & Ship Yard Cranes

Structural Analysis:

Shop Drawings/Placement Drawings for RCC:
3D-Space frame analysis for building structures
Design of structures based on ERFO or ASO methods
Gravity load analysis for Dead load, Live Load,
Imposed load & Snow load combinations
Lateral load analysis for Dead load, Wind load, Seismic load combinations

Erection Framing plan:
Different sizes of members
Piece / shop marks / erection notes
Loads on framing plan
Connection details
All dimensions (member spacing, elevation etc.)
Different plate details
Design calculation for connections
Structural standard notes
Individual member details 
BOM (sizes, cut length, connected accessories, bolt sizes, quantities, weights)
BOM for RCC, inclusive of rebar bend list, tonnage, embedded plates, etc
Phasing of drawings and project schedule is coordinated and maintained based on the client's needs

Miscellaneous members like staircases, handrails, trusses:
Framing plan
Location of member
Cross section elevation
Member properties
Piece marks
Standard notes
Connection details
Details of base plate of column and embed plates
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