Reliability Engineering Strategies for Industrial Applications using a Hybrid Approach

Date: March 10, 2021     08:00 AM - 08:45 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Today’s competitive and dynamic market poses many challenges to various stakeholders in a product/offering life-cycle. Companies have to maintain brand reputation by making their offerings reliable to gain and maintain customer loyalty. The direct costs and reputation loss caused by poor asset/product reliability can significantly impact organizational performance. The ability to predict an asset's / product’s reliability is therefore a core capability. That’s why companies around the globe need a strategic and comprehensive approach towards reliability. A systematic methodology and strategy is required – the development of a system reliability engineering framework – a hybrid system that is digitally driven (IoT) and combined with a ‘back to the basics’ [Historical Data & Physics] approach.

Reliability methods have previously existed but the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled the combination of these methods towards providing Prognostic Reliability Engineering Solutions to various Asset Classes / Products across different sectors, thereby generating significant ROI from Reliability Engineering.

Sanjeev Kulkarni

Keeping in line with the above thought, Neilsoft invites you to participate in a webinar - Reliability Engineering Strategies for Industrial Applications using a Hybrid Approach - To discuss the fundamentals, key features and challenges along with diverse Application Scenarios.

The session will briefly touch upon the following topics, with further elaborations wherever required:

  • Reliability Engineering - Types of Strategies that are generally adopted by Owners and Operators
  • Dimensions of Reliability Engineering – Applicability for various Asset Classes & Products
  • Prognostic Methods based Reliability Engineering – Key Approaches
  • IoT-Based Prognostic Reliability Engineering applied to different Industrial Sectors
  • Neilsoft’s Approach to Reliability Engineering
  • Benefits and Challenges through Case Studies
  • Neilsoft’s Reliability Engineering & Durability Support Offerings

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