Neilsoft helps its customers in converting product ideas into detailed design, with the help of a highly matured and systematic approach which includes the following:

  • RFLP Engineering Methodology based on Systems Engineering Principles
  • Virtual or Physical Models for Logical & Functional Analysis
  • Multiple Concepts based on our understanding of Industrial Engineering, Digital Mock-up, Physical Prototyping and Systematic Innovation Methodology
  • Design Optimization for Manufacturability, Cost, Quality and Innovation Needs
  • Should Cost Analysis for Features and Critical Product Parameters
  • Detailed Manufacturing Ready Design with the help of our expertise in Physical Systems Design, Embedded & Electronics Design and Interfacing Software

Neilsoft’s Product Design and Development Services:

  • Product Needs Analysis
  • Functionality, Comfort, Quality, Customizability, Localization and Cost Considerations
  • Requirements Modelling and Logical Analysis

  • Impart Systematic Innovation Techniques
  • Identify Potential Alternatives
  • Identify Potential Alternatives
  • Develop Sketches, 3D-Mockups, Clay models, 3D Printed Concept Prototypes

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • Cost & Benefit Analysis

  • Systems Engineering Modelling
  • Connectivity Considerations
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Functionality Analysis and Optimization
  • Manufacturability Analysis
  • Should Cost Analysis

  • Physical Systems Design
  • Electronics & Embedded Systems Design
  • Engineering Analysis and Optimization

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Product Engineering

Product Design and Development

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