Neilsoft provides Steel detailing services for steel structures such as residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, to name a few. Our structural steel services include designing of complete structures to 3D modeling, fabrication drawings, Bill of materials and CNC files.

Please see below for a list of the services we provide in Structural Steel Engineering:

Structural Analysis:

  • 3D-Space frame analysis for building structures
  • Design of structures based on ERFO or ASO methods
  • Gravity load analysis for Dead load, Live Load, Imposed load & Snow load combinations
  • Lateral load analysis for Dead load, Wind load, Seismic load combinations
  • Standards – IBC, SBC, UBC, BOCA, BS, ASCE AISC, AWS
  • Different sizes of members
  • Piece / shop marks / erection notes
  • Loads on framing plan
  • Connection details
  • All dimensions (member spacing, elevation etc.)
  • Different plate details
  • Design calculation for connections
  • Structural standard notes
  • Individual member details
  • BOM (sizes, cut length, connected accessories, bolt sizes, quantities, weights)
  • Details of base plate of column and embed plates
  • Framing plan
  • Location of member
  • Cross section elevation
  • Member properties
  • Piece marks
  • Standard notes
  • Connection details

Software platforms expertise:

Tekla, X-Steel, SDS/2, StruCAD, AutoCAD, Cadmill.

Steel Detailing Services

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Structural Engineering Services

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